Lifemuse Consultancy

Amplifying your business and your brand

Lifemuse Consultancy offers expertise across a comprehensive range of research categories, including:

  • Brand health and competitive positioning
  • Ideation, concept testing and new product development (NPD)
  • Product/ taste & pack testing, as well as line extension evaluation
  • CVP (Customer Value Proposition) design and evaluation
  • Ad testing: pre- and post-launch
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder evaluation: CRA (consumer relationship assessment), ERA (employee relationship assessment), corporate culture/ ‘climate checks’

Lifemuse Consultancy’s comprehensive repertoire of qualitative methodologies include:

  • Focus-group discussions (Traditional groups, ‘Dynamic Debate’/ ‘Conflict’ groups, ‘Friendship’ groups, Mini-groups, ‘Super Groups’, ‘Car Clinics’)
  • In-depth interviews (consumer, as well as business-to-business)
  • On-line forums: virtual focus groups (via GoToMeetings, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.), on-line interviews (via Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.)
  • Large Client Workshops/ ‘Mass Groups’
  • Ethnographic immersions (in-home and ‘in-situ’)
  • Consumer accompanied shops/ ‘shop-alongs’, as well as ‘drive-alongs’ (automotive category)