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Visualiser™ is a dynamic technique, fully customised to meet the unique requirements of the particular client as it relates to their specific research objectives, industry, current competitor positioning and specific Visualiser™ application required. Each research project is approached from a zero-base - no standard items apply to any one project.

Visualiser™ is therefore not an off-the-shelf product which is sold to a client for their own use and interpretation. A team of credible, objective, marketing-focused and expert researchers are involved through relationship driven consultation, on an in-depth and continuous basis to facilitate the appropriate application of the technique, right through from initiating the research, to strategy formulation and implementation.

How can your marketing strategy benefit from Visualiser™?

The integration of Visualiser™ with marketing strategies will enhance the depth and range of marketing insight, facilitating a competitive edge for the particular organisation, through an extensive, innovative and value-adding repertoire of Visualiser™ applications:

  • Market and Product Segmentation
  • Brand / Product Positioning
  • Identifying and describing Target Markets
  • Brand Movement
  • Multi-level Brand Association
  • Monitoring Competitor Strategies
  • Creative Application (i.e. pack design)
  • Ad Testing and Media Match
  • Trends in Consumer Behaviour
  • Life stage of consumer segments and product categories
  • Lifestyle
  • Broader Societal Impacts
  • Recruitment for Qualitative Research
  • Stimulus application in Groups discussions
  • Direct Marketing Applications
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Integrated marketing strategy

Over and above these broad applications, at a more detailed level insight is gained into aspects such as the following:

  • Demographic profiles
  • Psychographic profiles
  • Risk propensity
  • Financial orientation
  • Market segment values and aspirations
  • Buying logic
  • Service orientation
  • Resistance to change

Small, flexible consulting teams are assigned exclusively to a particular client for the duration of the project.

Flexibility: Visualiser™ may be used to enhance other marketing and marketing research initiatives very effectively, e.g. benchmarking and target market segmentation studies.

The fast turn-around time of the Visualiser™ technique is made possible through fast data gathering and processing systems.

Emerging markets and the changing South African society impact on techniques such as Visualiser™. To ensure technique relevance and sustainability, Visualiser™ developers are committed to provide their clients with up-to-date information on a continuous basis, through on-going research and development initiatives.

What makes Visualiser™ special?

The technique -

  • The developers are transparent regarding the methodology - the developmental process is made known to clients. There is no secretive ‘black-box’ approach.
  • Visualiser™ is simple and user-friendly for both respondent and client.
  • Visualiser™ is not based on an individual’s description of his personality, personal value system or lifestyle. It is based on consumers associations with product categories and specific products. Visualiser™ product and brand segmentation is the key focus, with aspects relating to lifestyle (as indicated by products and brand associations) representing a secondary focus.
  • During the development of Visualiser™ respondents are actively focused on their relationships with brands as opposed to being subjected to introspection of their value systems with the accompanying elements of status claiming and face-saving.
  • Identified market segments are not labeled or stereotyped, avoiding the generation of subjective connotations around each target market segment.

For our clients -

  • Our clients are never left to their own subjective devices to construct or interpret market segments - quality is ensured through the guidance and expertise of objective consultation throughout the entire marketing strategy planning process.
  • There is no standard one-size-fits-all approach: each marketing strategy application is based on finding tailor-made solutions, taking into account the perspectives and trends in a specific industry and product category. The risk of misinterpretation of market profiles is therefore eliminated .
  • Visualiser™ is simple and quick to apply - there are no long, drawn-out analyses and complicated visual diagrams which leave room for error and confusion.
  • Visualiser™ cuts down on interviewing time.
  • Visualiser™ avoids any notion of having generalities, a something-for-everyone approach, since it is essentially marketing focused.

How does Visualiser™ work?

Visualiser™ works on the simple principle whereby respondents are asked to associate the products, brands or advertisements under consideration with the visuals provided. Those who have done this exercise described it as easy and enjoyable to do. It only takes a few minutes to do and long interviews are cut out.