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SA agricultural sector

Providing vital intelligence and insight into the South African agricultural sector, research and marketing organisation Research in Action has released results from its first In-Touch Agri Survey. The new research delivers insight into perceived market leaders in various sectors of the local agricultural industry, as well as insight into the perceptions and business practices of farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

Conducted bi-monthly, the Agri Survey is a syndicated study conducted telephonically amongst farmers nationwide, gauging market sentiment on topical and contentious issues as well as offering research tools to companies with an interest in agriculture and related industries.

The latest survey polled over 450 farmers and measured their perceptions of leading brands, companies and even political parties on the eve of the April general elections.

The full research report can be purchased from Research in Action on 011-791-1844 or Danie Malan on danie@researchinaction.co.za.